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EHUB is built by team players. Have a glimpse at our current team, the personalities and their daily contributions to EHUB

Christian Cramer •


March 2022 •

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Photo: Thomas West

Daniel - Founder & CTO
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Our beloved, heartwarming and super competitive CTO. Daniel is a former basketball professional. With his two meters of gentleness and a Hagrid worthy fuzzy beard, his nickname is “bubbibjørn” or “bubbi”, which he has acquired from the childrens TV-show ‘Bubbibjørnene’ aka ‘Adventures of the Gummi Bears’.

Daniel is both our technical leader and founder and takes care of our tech team’s daily success. Daniel is mainly an experienced frontend developer, serving mobile friendly web and user experiences. Responsive websites are his domain (omg lul, pun intended!) and he has an ever-expanding technology stack.

Christian - Founder & Product Development
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If you take a microscope and look at Cramer’s blood, you will most likely see a bunch of digital esport-cells running in his blood. Over the last five years Cramer has been on a first-mover quest to build, support and evolve over 200 Danish esport organizations. Some even claim that he might have been the very first publicly hired esport consultant in the world to do so.

Understanding needs, communicating possibilities and building ideas with the esport community is Cramer’s super power, and you often find him as the facilitator of a meeting, meta-talking in order to secure that everyone is on the same page. We believe that this is one of the many reasons that Christian is amazing at assembling people around him and turning them into teams who work and grow together towards a common goal. He is an engager and a motivator that encourages others to venture with him on what becomes meaningful and potentially world-changing adventures – just like EHUB is today.

Jim - Co-Founder & Business Development
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Like any other great businessman with an entrepreneurial DNA, Jim makes sure that EHUB always get twice the value for half the cost. Being on school-trips as a kid, Jim was the only kid to return home with a heavier bag of pocket money than he had upon arrival – buying, preparing and selling Frozen Pizzas for his hungry and pay-willing classmates.

Next to making money, traveling is Jim’s passion, and just like his working attitude, he tends to find himself in situations where there is only one way left to go – forward on a bumpy road… Just like when Jim found himself on a road-trip in Eastern Europe with a car that didn’t have the ability to reverse. Coincidence? We think not. We actually think he preferred the car just like that.

Rune - Content ideas & Production
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If you were to describe Rune as a role in a game, he would be the support player. I mean… That kind of support player with a big, blazing, gun that never seems runs out of bullets while giving everlasting cover-fire while his teammates are sprinting across the battlefield.

If you write “team player” on Google it is super weird that Rune is not featured on at least the front page, because Rune is the manifestation of teamplay and that is also why he is 100% compatible with EHUB.

When it comes to work, you’ll most often find Rune clipping crisp videoes or producing ideas for the next EHUB content campaign before, after or during putting his kid to sleep. And if consistency is key, then Rune is an effective key. That makes no sense – but if you ask Rune to give a single video-example of something sometime in the future, he’ll provide you with 3 examples the following day, and afterwards excuse to you that he didn’t provide you with the fourth and fifth that he only finished half-way during the night. He will then additionally provide you with 6 examples the day after – just for good measure.

Ditte - Digital Marketing & Product Development
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Meet Ditte aka ‘dittecs’ – a personality you won’t believe exists until you actually meet her. And that is not just because she is a woman who happens to be passionate about video-games (Say what?! A unicorn!). Speaking of unicorn, Ditte actually was a former competitive rider, but ended up falling in love with gaming after a bad injury.

When meeting Ditte you quickly realize that her spirit is filled with laughter, ideas and possibilities that makes everything seem possible and within reach. While being able to swing every gun on the CS servers, Ditte also finds herself swinging golfclubs on well-trimmed grass in the sun. Ditte also swings the pointer as a professional Counter-Strike coach for youngsters.

Hold your breath, because I am about to describe what Ditte does for EHUB: Product development, workshop facilitation, community-engagement, tournament hosting, creatives, productions, growth hacking, building frameworks, drawing and qualifying UI-ideas, community engagement, wireframes, sales, content production. We could keep going, but you still need to learn about other awesome people in EHUB.

Daniel - Product Owner
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If EHUB was a cup that had been dropped 6-7 times on the floor and afterwards was put together piece by piece, then Daniel would be the super-fast drying and reliable glue that somehow manages to hold everything in place. Daniel is known as ‘Contra’ which makes a lot of sense – because the word ‘contra’ means ‘opposite’, and that pretty much sums up his most valuable skill to EHUB.

Daniel is our Product Owner and is usually put in the middle of contrasting people with (often) contrasting agendas and ideas (marketing, development, business, etc.). Daniel’s job (and nature, luckily) is to be a diplomatic negotiator and translator between the oppositions, making sure everyone feels heard, understood and engaged.

When you get to know Daniel, you realize he is an exceptional listener and critical thinker, which makes him perfectly suited for this role. He has the ability to listen, get new ideas and think in solutions from what he hears and then smoothly serve these in a meeting.

Daniel is also a critical thinker and understands what technical development requires in the very end, why he is also is our coders protective filter – making sure they only need to focus on what is important. Creating spaces where players feel belonging and generating new ideas is Daniel’s passion, and that is why he is a part of Team EHUB.

Thomas - Technical Development
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Just like Thomas would appreciate it, we’ll keep his introduction short, simple and efficient.

If “cut the crap and get shit done” was a person, this is the guy. Thomas ain’t got time for fooling around – and if you start wasting his time, his thoughts are probably already on the next task that needs to be done. Thomas is a full-stack junior developer who started as an intern in EHUB with the task of building our CMS platform and generating an easy-to-use system for tournament settlement.

He of course did all of this half way through his intern period of just four months. Needless to say, Thomas is that kind of teamplayer who takes initiative and leads his team (both in Counter-Strike and everywhere else), making sure that the progression of the team is as efficient as possible.

Thomas is a an esport fashionista, who appreciates development through competition and seeks out and uses everything that is effective, smart and efficient – and we believe that is why Thomas loves to develop the EHUB platform with full speed every single day.