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We are on a mission to inject everything we treasure from traditional team sport into esport.

Christian Cramer •


March 2022 •

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There is currently a sea of (especially young) passionate players investing thousands and thousands of hours into these esport titles; they often do it alone or with small and temporary friend groups/communities. The players engage in the games with none or few role models who they connect to and venture on a quest with friends and random teammates to improve their extremely valuable in-game ratings.

"Delete the game, noob”

- Random online anonymous teammate

Bad online mentality
Playing online with people you don’t know and don’t feel commitment to has some serious downsides to it. Esport has become a key example of what happens when you let passionate and competitive people go head-to-head in their favorite games online. The extreme competitiveness, the consequence less anonymity and the tracking of individual performance metrics lead to brutal phrases, why derogatory words have become commonplace.

Bye, bye individualism!
Although esport is one of the most promising trends in our modern society, connecting more and more players directly in games across borders, culture and life stages, esport is also known as being one of the most toxic environments on the planet. The individual based in-game ratings and ladders have become the primary way to showcase your skill level, even though these ratings and ladders solemnly tell whether you are on the winning team the most of the time or not. Even if you were to play on a team and attend leagues and tournaments, only a few of these are playable if you don’t play on a very high level.

Focus on teambased performance
In short – the team games have become arenas for individual grinding sessions where the individual performance stats and winning results overshadows teamplay. Consider EHUB as an alternative to the players and communities who are searching for a more committed, development-oriented and mannered approach to esport. Everything we value from the traditional sport culture is being implemented in EHUB.

Creating new trends
EHUB is becoming a place where learning and growth metrics outmatches individual ranking and performance metrics. We want to be a learning-oriented platform for esport communities - a place where we are greater than I and sportsmanship is a matter of course. Our goal is to simplify esport and integrate all training elements into one single platform, making it a lot more fun, simple and rewarding for esport teams to improve together.