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Hi there, team player! Are you ready to take your team to the next level?


Ditte Cecilie Sørensen •

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March 2022 •

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There is only one way to improve as a team: You need to practice as a team in a team-oriented environment.

Luckily for you, that is what EHUB is all about. EHUB consists of team players who are too familiar with the pain of being the team leader/manager: We know that spending hours scheduling and preparing training sessions, arranging scrims, handling servers and finding likeminded and equally skilled training partners is devastating. That is why we have created EHUB for you and us - making our lifes as an esport team a lot easier.

Our mission is to make sure that you never have to waste time on anything that has to do with esport training sessions again. We will give you and your team more time, motivation and energy to focus on what that really matters: Improving as team. Feel free to sign up and try our beta features including CS:GO scrimmage and instant server features with a free and automatic 128 tick server experience. Just find your opponent, ready up and a server IP will appear. Like magic.

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Getting started with EHUB
When landing on the EHUB platform, first step is to sign up. After you have created your own profile, you simply create your team's profile and invite your team members with a link. You can customize your own profile and team page as you like.

If you showcase what team you are and what you are all about, then other teams and players will get attracted. On EHUB you can show future opponents that you are a real team and a worthy opponent. So don’t forget to add a logo, banner and description to make other teams know that you are a real team and that you real humans too.

Giving additional info makes it much easier for other teams to pick up the courage and challenge your team to a match, because they already know what type of personalities and skills they are about to face. EHUB is all about like-minded, equally skilled and polite opponents!

Playing on EHUB means that you are responsible for your actions. When playing matches, you get to give a karma-rating of the enemy team. It functions like a trustpilot rating, where you get to tell your opponent if you enjoyed playing against them, or not.

EHUB's karma-rating is focused on behaviour rather than skill-level, so be sure to behave nicely and show-off your best sportsmanship skills! Typing "GL & HF" in the begining of a game and "GG" in the end is a matter of course.

Don't have a server?
Create an instant match with EHUB Blaze - it is easy, free and the best way to customize your own 5v5, 4on4 or 3on3 match. Blaze is much like Popflash, Dathost and other server providers – but it’s 100% free and super customizable! Don't have time for playing with overtime? Switch it off. Want to play all 30 rounds to ensure you get as much out of the match as possible? Switch it on.

Start off by creating your matchroom and invite friends and opponents by sharing the matchroom link. Everyone must be signed in with Steam to be placed on the right team when joining the server.

Scrim scheduling with 128-tick servers
Playing on EHUB means that you easily can find and challenge opponents. It also means you never have to worry about a server yourself. As soon as you have created or challenges a match in the scrim planning tool, you and your opponent will be guided through the automatic negotiation between the teams. You simply accept the challenge, check-in when the system tells you to, and voilà, you are ready for take-off on a crisp 128-tick server. No need to worry about anything technical - we got you covered.

Review stats & download demo
EHUB is all about improvement for the team, and we are working heavily on providing you with better stats and recommendations for improvement. After your matches are done on EHUB, we provide you with the .dem file on the match page accompanied by stats from the game you just played in a nice overview.

Easy communication & matchroom chat
When using EHUB you can easily communicate with your opponents and negotiate future matches. Maybe you have found you arch enemy and want to show who is boss? Find them on EHUB - and challenge them to a duel for glory and bragging rights.