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This is EHUB

We are determined in bringing change to the esport mindset

EHUB is a startup founded in 2020. We are dedicated to changing the way we interact in esport, pushing towards a better online universe, where we are greater than I and sportsmanship is a matter of course.

EHUB seeks to do so by simplifying esport training and integrating all elements of a succesful session into one single platform. We want to create a better behaviour and a stronger team-mindset in the world of team esports. In short; we are turning the right choices into the easy choices for the teams.

We work to eliminate the struggle esport teams face when it comes to facilitating a succesful esport training. Every day we are programming a better tomorrow, and doing this by constructing a training focused platform, which is centered around simplicity, team effort and sportsmanship.

Where are we going ...

We launched our beta in 2021, this is where we're at

Our beta version is our first and minimum viable product. We're extremely happy that many users already find our platform useful. We're also very happy that many of our users help us develop the platform by giving constructive feedback. Thank you for that, without your support and help, the platform would simply suck.

So why have we started off by creating a scrim-site to begin with? In short, EHUB's mission is to make it easier for teams to train and fight. The biggest issue we understood the community had, was to find and play against equally skilled and like-minded team-opponents in just seconds. So, we wanted to change that.

Today, every CS:GO teams needs their own server for training and match purposes. They need to buy the server externally and configure it every time they have a match/training session.

This requires knowledge, skill and time. And that is taking away time from the main activity: Playing and improving as a team. We find this server-admin role unnecessary for a team to waste their time on, and therefore we will start off by eliminating the CS:GO teams' need for these configurable external CS:GO servers. We do this by giving them one single platform where they can do everything they need for a training/match session.

EHUB is currently working on an amazing esport training platform that will help your team's training become effortless - starting with the large and resourceful CS:GO community.

Who are we

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Christian Cramer

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